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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Inara's Jewelry

Inara has a multitude of beautiful jewelry in Firefly and Serenity.  Here's just a look at some of her pieces, just for fun.

More jewelry after the break...

The above is a promo from her Purple V-neck dress, worn in the Pilot.  She also has a gold cuff she wears on her upper right arm.

Of course, we have to show her epic Shindig gown.

She wears this red stone necklace with her peach dress (in Out of Gas), her red/gold robe (promo), and her orange and oatmeal (in Our Mrs. Reynolds).

Another necklace worn with her peach dress is this one, from Heart of Gold:

And this one, also from Shindig, and one from The Message with her Orange and Oatmeal:

Which is quite similar to this one, worn in Jaynestown with her Red/Gold robe:

We can't forget her famous bath scene in the Pilot, with this beauty:

In The Message, with her bronze dress, she wears another elaborate necklace with chandelier earrings:

The earrings we see worn with her Brown Midriff outfit in Ariel are lovely:

With her grey dress in Trash, she wears a cascaded necklace:

In Heart of Gold, she wears this red necklace with her Orange and Oatmeal:

And again, with the Orange in the same episode:

And with her Purple Leaves dress in Bushwhacked:

Also with that same dress, she wears this in Safe:

She wears this in Jaynestown with her purple and red:

This epic necklace is in Shindig with her Purple Tear-Drop dress:

Which she wears again with her Turquoise Maroon in War Stories:

With her Red gown in The Train Job, she wears a lovely bangle, a set of earrings, and a cape clasp:

With her red beaded, at the beginning of Shindig:

And this lovely piece, with her Burgundy gown, in Objects in Space:

In Ariel, she wears this lovely necklace and earrings with her Red dress:

In Trash, we see a more elaborate necklace and earrings set, with her Black and Red dress:

Shawna Trpcic, a few years back, auctioned off a bunch of Firefly stuff, and she included several pieces of jewelry worn in the show.  Below are the pictures from the auction and who was wearing them.

First is the necklace seen right above in Trash, worn by Inara with her Black and Red dress, which Shawna says is also worn by the character Banning Miller in Shindig:

The next two were not worn by Inara (at least not to my knowledge), but I thought they were interesting enough to include here.

This necklace and earrings set is also said to have been worn by Banning Miller, so who knows!

This one was also worn in Shindig by another annoying girl, she calls "Destra":

Now, in Serenity,  she wears similar jewelry to her sets in Firefly, but everything is just amped up just a bit more.

Here, with her Operative's Arrival dress, she wears long earrings, a cuff on her upper arm and a necklace.

These earrings are shown with her Wave outfit:

Her Training House outfit has gold and red earrings with an elaborate necklace.

In the Capture Mal looks at in the beginning, you can see a hint of her necklace.

At the end of the movie, you see her stripped down of all her extras.  Hardly any makeup, a very simple dress, and the thinnest of necklaces:

Her jewelry at the funeral is also very pared down.

On Miranda, she wears gold:

During the rebuild, even when painting, she wears long earrings:

During the Battle, her top is almost jewelry itself, but here in these auction photos, you can see her arm cuff and half-glove:

I also recommend taking a look at her Deleted Scenes page for some more interesting jewelry to look at. 

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