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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Saffron, no Bridget, no Yolanda! well... YoSaffBridge

YoSaffBridge had memorable appearances in two Firefly episodes.  Here is a tiny look at her costumes...

More after the break...

We first meet "Saffron" in her iconic shawl and peasant garb in the episode Our Mrs. Reynolds.

Then, we see her in something a bit different...

The next time we see her is in Trash, where she's named Bridget.

To ask for help, she dons a red flowered dress.

And to complete the heist, she wears a burgundy jacket with pants, and she's named Yolanda.

My Photobucket Album for YoSaffBridge.
Serenifly Costumes site for YoSaffBridge.

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