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Welcome to Serenifly Costumes.

This is an effort to catalog the costumes used for the main characters on the TV show Firefly and its corresponding movie, Serenity.  The effort was begun here many years ago and has started the great move to this final place.  The website and the blog will work together to bring organization to a very complicated, but fun, costume list.

The labels (or tags) will help you narrow down your search.  You can also use the search engine on the side of the page as well.  The website also has an easy way to browse or search for the costume you are looking for, and they link back here to the entry with the costume in question. 

A note on the pictures posted here.  There are no alterations done to any of the screencaps.  The reason for this is that each computer screen is different and if alterations were done (say to make the picture lighter), it might change the color or saturation of the picture so much that it becomes distorted.  Which, if someone wants to know the original, seeing an altered picture (even though the movie itself is not original), would not help the process.  So, if you see a picture that is quite dark, that is the reason why.

Enjoy the look back through this great show!

About the author...

Mia has been a fan of Firefly and Serenity since July 22, 2006, when she saw Serenity for the first time.  Since then, she has made 7 Firefly-related costumes for herself and friends.  She became interested in cataloging the costumes when she noticed Inara wearing something she'd already worn in another episode.  That led to a number of screencaps and picture hoarding until she couldn't keep track of it anymore.  She finally started organizing and realized that having it online would make it easier for her to search for a costume.  And, so it began.


  1. Thanks for blogging on this great show & costumes - I look forward to more!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate the support!

  2. This is an incredible resource. Thanks so much for your effort!

    1. Thanks so much for your support!