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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Inara's Deleted Scenes Costumes

In Serenity, a lot of Inara's scenes had to be cut for random reasons.  So, we have a lot of costumes that are only seen in the deleted scenes on the video release.

More after the break...

This red two-piece (as shown above) has gold accents.  More screencaps:

It was at the Propstore for a bit:

This orangey-gold dress was worn in a scene showing Inara teaching.  Screencaps:

And, some pictures from the Propstore:

This third outfit, shown in some Propstore pictures:

And a dark blue dress, from the Propstore:

There's a possibility that this might be the dress worn under her coat in the Funeral scene.  I'll have to watch Serenity again (darn).

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  1. I think I love pretty much anything Inara wore in both Firefly and Serenity! Thanks for posting all the pics :-)