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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Inara's Training House Costume

I've been doing a lot of Firefly posts, but now it's time for some Serenity.  Inara's Training House costume is one of my favorites.  There was a lot of misses in the movie, but this one was great.  From the vest-like top to the pantsuit underneath, this costume has a bunch of great details that sometimes get missed.

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The full promo image here:

Another couple of promos...

Behind the scenes:

Some screencaps:

Some auction photos of the jumpsuit underneath:

It's been awhile, but I have these next photos on my hard drive without explanation.  If I remember correctly, this screen-used costume was a prize at a CSTS event and someone modeled it for pictures.  I hate not knowing this beautiful model's name or having her permission to repost the pictures, but seriously...they are so helpful.  So, I'm doing it on a prayer that she'd give me her blessing.  I have the name "morgan" in the file name, but that's not much to go on.  If you know her, please let me know in the comments!

Some other notes on this costume.  On the IMDB forums, Ruth Carter (as ruthcostumedesign) replied to the question, "I'm doing some research on Inara's costumes from Serenity and couldn't figure out what the material was on the top of Inara's Training House costume (when Mal fights the Operative). It looks like it's embossed. Is it velvet? leather?"  (Posted March 11, 2007)  Her reply was "It was dyed and embossed pony skin leather."  (Posted April 8, 2007)  So, the top IS leather.  

Also, after some sleuthing, the shoes shown in the auction photos are Robert Clergerie.   

My Photobucket Album for Inara.
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