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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Browncoat

I figured I'd start with the most iconic piece of the show, Mal's Browncoat.

What a great coat, right?  It was made by Jonathan Logan in Los Angeles specifically for the show. 

More pictures after the break!

First off, we have pictures from the original coat, as taken for an auction.

Then, we have some publicity photos taken for the show...

Screencaps, by episode.

Serenity (Pilot)

The Train Job



Our Mrs. Reynolds

Out of Gas


The Message

A Behind the Scenes shot from The Message:

Heart of Gold

Nathan Fillion wore his browncoat again on his new show, Castle.  He wore it in a Halloween episode in 2009.  Here's a small article with another picture teasing it for that year.

Mal wears this coat with many things.  They will be linked below as the posts are entered.
Mal wears this with his brown shirt.
Mal wears this with his fuzzy green shirt.
Mal wears this with his khaki shirt.
Mal wears this with blue shirts.

The Brown Coat used in the movie, Serenity, will have its own entry.

My Photobucket Album for Mal. 
Serenifly Costumes site for Mal.

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