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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Simon's Vests

I've covered all of Simon's vests, and here they are in all their glory, with links to their original entries.

The line-up after the break...

So, in no particular order...the vests of Simon!

Simon's Dark Blue vest, worn in the Pilot, The Train Job, Jaynestown, and Ariel.

His Maroon and Gold vest, worn in Safe and Shindig.

His Light Blue vest, worn in Ariel and War Stories.

His Gold vest, worn in The Train Job.  (which is the picture at the top...)

We can't forget his Childhood vest, worn in Safe.

His Maroon vest, worn in Safe and Our Mrs. Reynolds.

Simon's Bronze vest, worn in Bushwhacked and Ariel.

His Patterned vest, worn in Out of Gas.

My Photobucket Album for Simon.
Serenifly Costumes site for Simon.

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