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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kaylee's Jackets

Kaylee has several coats and jackets that she wears.  First, we visit her Quilted Jacket, which she wears in a few episodes.

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More screencaps from Trash:

Screencaps from Out of Gas:

This is worn with both her brown coveralls (in Trash) and her Teddy-Bear coveralls (in Out of Gas).

Next is her iconic Turquoise Brocade Jacket, worn in Serenity (Pilot):

And some promo images for that jacket:

This jacket is worn with her Teddy-Bear Coveralls.

She also wears a more heavy-duty coat to the funeral in The Message:

I believe she wears this coat with her brown coveralls.

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  1. I completely missed that first jacket, so haven't been using my eyes as well as I thought!