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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jayne's Pin-up Girl

Jayne wears this shirt in Objects in Space.  He wears another version of it in the movie when going to the Maidenhead and when we first see Haven.

More after the break...

Another screencap from Objects in Space:

And, moving on to Serenity, some screencaps:

Some promo shots:

This costume was at the Propstore for awhile, in several forms:

I believe the last picture there on the hanger is from someone's private collection.  I wish I knew who so I can credit them.  I'll do some searching...

The next is a photo I'm sure I pulled off of a Google image search, so now I have no idea where it came from.  This is why keeping better records is good, people.  Anyway, I share it now...

It says in the file name that it is a "redesign."  It looks close, but not exactly right, so take what you will from it.  It might just be someone's interpretation, but I quite like it. 

My Photobucket Album for Jayne.
Serenifly Costumes site for Jayne.

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