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Sunday, November 4, 2012

River's Battle Dress

River's dress in Serenity during the battle is actually an off-the-rack!  Go figure.  It's a DKNY dress and it comes up for auction every once in awhile on ebay

More pictures after the break...

More promo pictures:

Some screencaps:

Some auction pics from Propstore:

Some auction pics from Ebay (note: not screen-used, just the DKNY dress):

Some pics of the weapons she used from Propstore:

Kelsey reminded me of a thread over at fireflyfans.net where James describes the Bloody version of River's dress that he bought from the Propstore:

"Just wanted to add a little more info on the green River dress! The screen used ones are actually off the rack Donna Karan dresses (size 2). Both the inner slip and outer sheer piece are similiar seafoam green. I own the screen used dress from the end scene after River has exterminated all the Reavers (the bloody verison).


How interesting!

Also, check out New Look 6244 for a pattern idea...Taeriel on the same thread decided to use that and it looked good.

River wears the same boots with her Maidenhead dress
My Photobucket Album for River.
Serenifly Costumes site for River.

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