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Friday, October 5, 2012

Spacesuits in Firefly

The spacesuits in Firefly are different depending on who is wearing it.  Jayne wears a larger one (supposedly) that is yellow, and the others wear the olive green spacesuits.  Here are the spacesuits in Firefly.

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Mal (in the one above), wears the spacesuit in a few episodes.  Here are some more screencaps from Serenity (Pilot).

Mal, from Bushwhacked:

Mal, from Objects in Space:

Zoe wears a similar spacesuit.
From Serenity (Pilot):

River wears one of these spacesuits in two episodes - here's one from Objects in Space.

And here's one from Bushwhacked, with brother Simon:

Jayne's spacesuit is a little different.
From Serenity (Pilot):

They also wear their spacesuits in the episode, Our Mrs. Reynolds.

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My Photobucket Album for Jayne.
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