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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kaylee's Serenity Coveralls

Kaylee gets a little sleeker in the Big Damn Movie.  Here's her coveralls that she wears at the beginning of the movie and during the big battle scene.

More after the break...

First up, some screencaps.

Now, some pictures from Propstore Auctions.

Some promos:

They had downloadable wallpapers on the Serenity website, and here's Kaylee's:

The shoes she wears with this costume are Swear Alternative, which was a London-based company that was a branch of Swear London.  Swear Alternative stopped making shoes in 2001, I believe.  You can catch some on ebay every once in awhile, but never any like Kaylee's.  (I think there's a German-based company that is now using the name "Swear Alternative", but I'm not sure.)  Anyway, they're hard to find!

My Photobucket Album for Kaylee.
Serenifly Costumes site for Kaylee.

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